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Welcome to the third and final week of Envoy: Advent Edition!

This week, you'll be watching some more Church Army videos. We hope that you've enjoyed getting to know Church Army a little bit more!

Have you checked in with your Envoy community since last week? If not, this is your prompt! Go and drop them a quick message right now. Let them know how you're doing with making connections with people over Advent so far. Remember: they've got your back and are praying for you and for the people/places on your heart which you named in your last few meet ups. 

Whilst we are on the topic of prayer, don't forget to pray for the others in your Envoy community as well as for the people on their hearts, too. You never know the impact that your prayer could have on conversations that they might have with those people! The prayer guide from the last couple of weeks is at the bottom of the page. 


 Happy watching & happy praying! We hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


Watch here:


Watch here:

Don't forget: keep in touch with your Envoy Community. Pray. Use our conversation starter ("Seeing as it's Advent, I'd love to know... Who or what lights up your life?"). Have fun!

Prayer Guide:


THANKSGIVING  (1 minute) 

Leave the life you live (good and bad) with Him and thank him that you trust him to have it all. Thank Him for taking ownership of it and you.

Moves us to a posture of letting go and readiness to receive. It readies us to change. 

PRAISE  (1 minute)

Begin to focus on Jesus as the one who is now present and if He is present then all other things have to reposition themselves around his goodness and affection for you.

Causes our thinking to be at rest. We get more in line with how things are and who God is. 

WORSHIP  (1 minute)

You are no longer in prayer on your terms or because of your needs. You are within His realm. The focus has shifted from you to Him.

Flicks the light to on in our spirit. Our soul lights us. We are ready to connect and have something to give that is more likely to be overflow than residue!

Spend two minutes on these next three points - one minute for you and one minute for someone else in your Envoy group.


Lord open a door (open an opportunity)

We are asking for a natural (or supernatural) opportunity to have a faith/Jesus conversation with another person that is not forced, not manipulated, contrived or cojoling.


Lord open their heart (that they are at ease/eager/ready to have the conversation)

We are asking God to prepare them, to make a way/a space./a hunger within them. It also means we need to stay sensitive as any conversation is happening.


Lord open my mouth (where I see that opportunity and openness are aligning).

We are asking God to give us courage. That we would have the right words. That God would give us the right approach, the space and timing.

And finally, a bit of a shameless plug at the end.

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The absolute last shameless plug.

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