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Advent     1

No teaching (PHEW)! Instead we want to introduce you to  our wider family. First of all our parent! Church Army gave birth to Xplore and Reunion and looks after us very well. Church Army is a charity dedicated to evangelism, we are part of the Anglican church but not limited only to Anglican settings. We love to partner with Christians just about everywhere and anywhere if it means helping others encounter Gods love.

When you signed up you were added to the numbers of people being prayed for in our mission community. You will also (or will do shortly) receive our 'in touch' updates. 

Did you touch base with your little Xplore or Reunion community since last week? Before you watch the short videos below, why not quickly message everyone, we'd love to know how you are and where you are up to (or not as the case may be) with the places and people in your life that we are praying for. Go on touch base!

Enjoy the videos.

No apologises for the number of Irish accents. By now you should be used to them!






5 minutes daily prayer guide for your

Xplore/Reunion community

Quick guide to the 5 minute prayer.

THANKSGIVING  (1 minute) 

Leave the life you live (good and bad) with Him and thank him that you trust him to have it all. Thank Him for taking ownership of it and you.

Moves us to a posture of letting go and readiness to receive. It readies us to change. 

PRAISE  (1 minute)

Begin to focus on Jesus as the one who is now present and if He is present then all other things have to reposition themselves around his goodness and affection for you.

Causes our thinking to be at rest. We get more in line with how things are and who God is. 

WORSHIP  (1 minute)

You are no longer in prayer on your terms or because of your needs. You are within His realm. The focus has shifted from you to Him.

Flicks the light to on in our spirit. Our soul lights us. We are ready to connect and have something to give that is more likely to be overflow than residue!

Colossians 4 v 3-4. Paul is asking for prayer, not to get out of prison but to make the most of his location. He asks for some things in particular. We will use these for our 1 minute  prayer (1 minute for you and 1 minute for someone else from your meet up).


Lord open a door (open an opportunity)

We are asking for a natural (or supernatural) opportunity to have a faith/Jesus conversation with another person that is not forced, not manipulated, contrived or cojoling.


Lord open their heart (that they are at ease/eager/ready to have the conversation)

We are asking God to prepare them, to make a way/a space./a hunger within them. It also means we need to stay sensitive as any conversation is happening.


Lord open my mouth (where I see that opportunity and openness are aligning).

We are asking God to give us courage. That we would have the right words. That God would give us the right approach, the space and timing.

Commit to pray for the people and places you and the others in your weekly meet up have committed to.

Stay in touch, keep each other in the loop so we stay motivated in praying for one anothers people and place. The odd GIF or meme is alway appreciated. Definitely touch base on the day that would be your normal meet up.

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