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Reviewing Envoy - helping us get better.

When we began this journey with you we hoped that you'd find in us a community that was marked by belonging, significance and safety. We invited you to become fluent in seeing, hearing and valuing as the seedbed for being in this community.

We asked you to stop for the one. Both the one who has called you and the one (planned or unexpected) who shows up in front of you. To see and hear them them as God does and to release value so that they might start that process of coming into relationship with God for themselves.

We avoided, as much as possible, prescribing your evangelism, though at times we might have provoked... we love a good reaction! We know you are able to take responsibility for what God stirred up in you. Our part was to listen, to ask questions, to offer ideas and to pray. Ownership was always to be yours.

And so on this final week we'd love to hear what Reunion helped you take ownership for? What kind of evangelism has God embedded in you? Whats habits or practices are now second nature and you do in your day in, day out life? What has been your most helpful new awareness and for the final time, How then shall I live?

First things first.

Click the link and complete the 5 minute survey. This helps guide us practically as we work on improving Envoy for others. The last question is an optional/ open question where you get to share anything about Envoy not covered in the preceding questions. Depending on how chatty you feel, that one question might take you past the magical 5 minutes. 

After you complete it please return here for this weeks resource material.

Click here for the Reunion survey.

Click here once you complete the survey for this weeks material. 

Image by Jon Tyson
first things first
Image by Rob Mulally

How then shall I live? 

Thank you for deciding to give time to us and to yourself. The reason that we don't do a quick 6 week reunion is summed up in the word formation. Formation takes time, it takes regularity, practice and then more practice until it becomes a habit and those habits sit in us as second nature.

The habit of:

imprinting mission.

open door.






open heart.

intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

people of peace.

living like an exile.

open mouth.


jumping fences.




stopping for the one.

The habit of:

living missionally in community doing evangelism.

seeing and
being seen.

leaning in to
release value.

hearing and
being heard.

for the one.


Image by Duy Pham

Living missionally


in community


doing evangelism.

Living missionally, in community, doing evangelism is not something that happens now and again. It builds up over time. Think of it as a journey, not a destination. There is as much fun travelling as in arriving. Distance covered may feel satisfactory but it is not as important as the direction chosen and momentum towards it. Travel too fast and you could well miss all you are travelling for. If you dither or simple sit and observe then you'll gather around you a lot of dust and impuissant opinion. It requires taking action, however small the steps, in a direction that builds.

To live missionally, in community, doing evangelism requires you to take action, however  small the steps, in a direction that builds. 

The more you think about and focus on anything on the inside, the more it materialises on the outside. In other words if you can hold it in your head then you can hold it in your hands. Everything that exists was created twice. You are reading this on a screen, a concept that once only existed inside someone's head. Then it was talked about to a little community of people who probably chucked in some creating. A plan formed and then in time, a real screen. But it all started with a thought and over time thoughts become things. If you are willing, then your thoughts can shape your life. The book of Romans sums it up beautifully in chapter 12 v 2.

"Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life."

I hope you didn't hear us talking about success or failure this year. Better words that are well worn in the bible are, obedience and faithfulness. Obedience is the response, the stepping out. Faithfulness is the keeping going and not giving up. Making decisions with what you know will help you live missionally, be in community and do evangelism. Decisions disrupt the status quo, they require, input, energy, commitment. A decision means living what you may never have lived before. It is letting your Yes mean yes and guarding your No as no. If you are someone who is willing to move from indecision to decision, make certain your decision is directed towards something worthwhile. Always ask your best questions when making a decision.

How then shall I live?

Image by David Marcu

[re] awareness.


It's time to dig out your notebook. The one you used when you listened to the teaching, the one you used for the Afterthought, the one you recorded your new awareness in. The notebook with the wisdom your Reunion community surprised you with, the one with doodles and prayers and coffee ring stains. 


Read back over what you've written, what others have said and what you committed to (or not but wish you had)?


What themes are emerging?

What awareness' have become something, are there any that are sitting dormant?


Where will you take action, however small the steps, towards a direction that builds?
Where have thoughts, hopes and prayers moved from the realm of your inner thinking world into the outer lived reality and what are the next thoughts to become real things?


We'd love to hear your reflections from your own review of your notebook. Please bring them to our last meet up.

Have a think about what next and let us know at the meet up. We will resume a new year of Reunion from September this year. Perhaps you'd be up for joining us again, perhaps leading a group or recommending Reunion to others (sorry to finish on a shameless plug). 


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