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Reunion is living missionally, in community, doing evangelism.

Our vision is you making evangelism a way of life.

Intro The criticism

Books used as background to prepare the exile weeks.

If you are a reader and enjoyed last weeks promises and hopefully this weeks criticism then here are the books used in preparation for these two weeks. 

Exiles on Mission: How Christians can thrive in a Post-Christian world. Paul S Williams.

Cadences of Home: Preaching among exiles. Walter Bruggenmann. 

Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post Christian world. Michael Frost.

A biblical theology of Exile. Daniel L. Smith-Christoper. 

Did you complete your new awareness after last weeks meet up?

If not click here for the guide to complete it before doing this weeks teaching.

The criticism teaching and afterthought material.

The notes for this podcast can be opened here (or printed) so you can follow along while listening to the podcast. 

After listening, use your journal (or print the afterthought), reflect on your answers under the headings given in green (scroll down to see more). Having the how to guide open will help guide you through each section.

Print afterthought.

Print the how to guide.


AFT how then shall I live?
Image by Drew Hays

Awareness1 minute.

What thoughts, feelings or attitudes are floating around in my head after listening to the teaching? 


You will probably have between 4-7 active thoughts right now, list them as bullet points.

Attention 4 minutes.

Pick one thought to pay attention to. Journal everything that comes into your head, even random stuff as you focus on it. 

Use the how to guide to help keep you on track.

how to guide.

Amend 1 minute.  (or simple write any amendment into the attention section.)

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to amend your thoughts, attitudes or feelings so that they now reflect the thinking, attitudes and feelings of God. Now read back over your attention section. Amend, add or remove anything you become aware of.

Use the how to guide to help keep you on track.

Apply part 1. My new awareness. 1 minute.

What is your takeaway thought? The gold, the pearl from all your reflecting on this weeks teaching. 

This is what you bring along to your next meet up.

After feedback from your community you can finish apply part 2 (below).

Apply part 2. My new awareness. 1 minute.

What insight have others added from my meet up (that I wasn't fully aware of or been reminded of)? 

You're now ready to start answering the question, how then shall I live?

'How then shall I live?'. 1 minute. (optional extra)


What is your new or amended takeaway thought? 

Can this become an action or a shift in attitude? It might help to break it down into 4 or 5 smaller steps. The first small and for tomorrow, the last closer to how you want to be living and might in reality be some time away but worth a commitment today.

Turn your takeaway thought into a prayer you can pray each day this week.

New awareness 2


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