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What is envoy?

Envoy is like a mini version of the Xplore and Reunion communities covering six weeks. You will be part of an online or local community that exists to get you moving in evangelism and mission wherever you are. Oh and we won't charge you any money.

How does envoy work?

Apply online (see below)

We will then send you your first teaching podcast, passwords and when or where you meet. 

Listen to each weeks teaching material at a time that suits you in advance of your meet up. It will be 30 minutes max.

Attend your weekly meet up ** (max 90 minutes). We work out what the teaching looks like for you in your day to day life.

Between the meet ups have a go at what you are learning. Without practice it is unlikely to become second nature. 


If you are meeting with a local group you arrange with them when to meet. 

If you are meeting online, we shall send you available meet up times for you to pick one (be quick before the one you want has gone).

What subjects will envoy cover?

Week 1

Faith stories.

Simply getting to know each other and putting into practice this weeks podcast. 

Week 4

We haven't met before but...

This week the Hopkins speak about conversations we have with people. What works in what settings.

Week 2

People of peace.

Bob and Mary Hopkins introduce us to the concepts in Matthew 10 where Jesus sends the 72. 

Week 5

Come on in the water is lovely.

Mary Hopkins helps us understand different stages of invitation that help people move towards Christ.

Week 3

Home from home.

The Hopkins continue by discussing how we 'go', who we go to and what to do when we get there. 

Week 6

Over to you.

An example of how People of Peace has worked out in practice using each of the principles. 

How to become an envoy?

Click this link to join an envoy community.

If you have more questions you can contact us by clicking here.

Envoy is a part of Xplore and Reunion. Both of these communities exist to provide evangelism formation coaching. All of this is part of Church Army.

To find out more about any of them click on Xplore Reunion or Church Army.

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