Image by Tatiana Pavlova


Get used to seeing.

This week is the first week of Envoy. For those who signed up to do only Envoy they will be sharing their faith story and dipping their toe in the practice of seeing and being seen, of hearing and being heard. 


You are by now well versed in the practice. From time to time we remind you that we are not asking you to practice this with each other just for your meet ups. It's how we want you to engage with those who would either claim no relationship to Jesus or have no real awareness of Him. 

Its tempting to use the practice and a means of being nice or expressing what I see or hear. Neither of those are bad things. However, we really want to be that conduit, that bridge, between the person in front of us and the Holy Spirit in us and speaking through us. It will require risk, it requires faith and the person who gets to decide that its God speaking is actually the one in front of you. You see this in the gospels, the people who hear Jesus are the ones who say things like, 'did not our hearts burn within us,' or, 'He told me everything I ever did'. I personally would love to first decide that it's God speaking but it would seem God would rather have the person in front of me make that call. They benefit by knowing the reality of Gods presence, we benefit by stepping out in faith, faith grows. It's the getting out of the boat moment for everyone involved. 

You will get to watch the same video as those starting out with Envoy, except we are going to ask for more from you! Watch the video with the practice of deeply seeing and hearing about Danielle, what is the Holy Spirit prompting you to be aware off that He'd want to speak to Danielle. Record what comes to mind, don't analysis what you sense, allow yourself the risk that it might be wrong BUT might  potentially be God. If you struggle with this use the afterthought and take a little longer over the revisit section. As you watch the video God will also be speaking to you, to strengthen you, it's worth noting that as well. In hearing God for others the chances are it will touch our emotions, our spirit, our mind so enjoy that and acknowledge that as you see and hear. 

Bring to your meet-up what you are now aware off. Don't be surprised if others hear the same as you!


- In the meet-up listen to everyones seeing and hearing before responding.


- As a community, after all you are a faith community, pray for Danielle, and pray for refinement of what the Holy Spirit is saying. 


- Now value Danielle, you can record this on zoom or perhaps write. Send it to us and we will get it to Danielle.


Awareness     1-2 minutes.

What thoughts, feelings or attitudes are floating around in my head after listening to the teaching?

You will probably have between 4-7 active thoughts right now, list them as bullet points.

Attention     4 minutes.

Pick one thought to pay attention to. Journal everything that comes into your head, even random stuff as you focus on it?

If you need a reminder on how to do this section use the guide (you can click on the option above).

Amend     1-2 minutes.

Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to amend your thoughts, attitudes or feelings so that they now reflect the thinking, attitudes and feelings of God. Read back over your attention section and amend.

If you need a reminder you can use the guide.

Apply     1-2 minutes.    

What is your new awareness or takeaway thought? The gold, the pearl from all your reflecting on this weeks teaching.

This is what you bring along to your next meet up.

Apply (part 2)    1-2 minutes.

What insight have others added from my meet up (that I wasn't fully aware of or been reminded of)?

You're now ready to start answering the question, how then shall I live?

How then shall I live?    1-2 minutes.

Can I see where and how this might becomes an embedded part of my day in day out living?

Can you commit your new or re-awareness into action or a shift in attitude? It is best if you can break it down into 4 or 5 short, simple and easily accessible steps. Make the first one for tomorrow and the last of these further away and closer to this awareness being second nature to you. Don't over think it or it will get too complicated.