What is reunion?

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Making evangelism a way of life.




how it works.


We resource you.

The story of God is so big we can easily struggle to know how it fits with the multitude of stories already in our world. Reunion helps you get the story of God into your world without turning it into a programme or an event.

Easy to access material online.

We aim for 30 minutes of teaching material per week. Reunion uses podcasts and video as our platform for teaching material.  All you need to do is listen to it in advance of your meet up at a time that suits you.

Keeping it simple and applicable.

Reunion keeps material simple enough to remember and rather than large activities to practice we use lots of small ones that are easily accessible so they can become as normal as breathing. 

Sharing faith through words and action.

It may seem like an odd requirement but we ask you to speak to those around you about Jesus and to be willing to pray for them. If you don't know what to say or feel afraid, we can help you with that. If you refuse to give it a go, sorry, we can't help you with that!

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We coach you.

While you may want a 'take-away' resource our experience shows it is best worked out with others and mission becomes more deeply embedded in us when it is shared learning.  For this reason we've coupled the listening to teaching with a weekly community. The community aspect is not optional.

We coach in community, learning as we go.

You'll meet weekly with your Reunion community in person or online. We suggest meeting for 60 to 90 minutes.  Local meet-ups are expected to self organise meeting. Online communities of 4-6 people will be created by us, we will let you know when you meet. 

Your community is a significant space that stretches and supports.

Really it is just like any group of friends getting together. Chit-chat as people arrive!  Some meet-ups eat together (even the online). We discuss teaching, describe how it applies to us, share the mission context we are reaching and then pray for one another.

Turn teaching into practices that we apply in our day-to-day life. 

We stay in touch outside group time (whatsApp etc), ask how it's going and pray for each other over the week. In the rest of our week, we get on with life - looking for evangelism opportunities as life happens rather than wait on a perfect moment or event.

Together at the Top

We go with you.

Jesus invited us to go with Him as we make disciples. That's what Reunion is all about: equipping you to make mission and evangelism count where you are already at; work, family, university or your neighbourhood.

Do you have a desire to see God at work in those around you?

We will assume you want God to use you to change the culture, the environment and the people around you but you might not know the who, what, where or how. Reunion starts where you are at. Our job is to help you discover, then help you get there.

Do you have the vision but need the resources to get there?

If you're already involved in mission and evangelism or know what it is you want to do, then the role of Reunion is to fill in the gaps and stretch you even further.  We give you tools that will work regardless of your context.

One size does not fit all.

We don't major on events or programmes. While we will introduce you to models and examples of evangelism, our focus will always be on you developing practices and principles to be used in the life you already live.

This only works as a rhythm of living missionally.

Mission is seeing the world change as we bring the Kingdom of God to bear on it. Evangelism is introducing the King of that Kingdom. When we put into practice what we learn, we develop habits and habit will make the Kingdom of God our 'new normal'.


what you gain.

"A great way to learn how to be more naturally evangelistic in my everyday life, and building bonds with people who share the same passions for Jesus and people."

"Reunion is a community that helps you to share Jesus in your own unique way. It doesn't give you a 'how to' list – rather it uses talks, testimonies and group discussions to empower you to be yourself in a missional context."

"An opportunity to discover the breadth of evangelism. To recognise that there is not a 'one size fits all model'. A way of challenging pre-conceived ideas and potentially 'old models' of evangelism."

"Reunion teaches, supports and equips you to understand that evangelism isn't a formula, it's about introducing and engaging the Holy Spirit in your everyday life in order for God to open up opportunities for you to bring your faith into a conversation or action. This was a huge weight off my shoulders and allows you to walk freely in the way of Jesus. I'd highly recommend reunion for anyone who is interested in evangelism and growing with Jesus."

Quotes are from 2019/20 Reunion participants.

Contact information and application.


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Meet The Team


Neville Barnes

My name is Neville. People guess that I’m in my early 40’s and we’ll leave it at that. I’ve been a church Army evangelist for 25 years. Originally from Northern Ireland, I’ve worked primarily as a youth evangelist in Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and England. I’m passionate about Christians getting to do evangelism that looks like sounds like and feels like its authentically them AND God doing it. I now live in Sheffield with a wonderful family (they are reading over my shoulder so I have to say that). I also like sending photos of Donegal in the glorious sunshine to people. That happens a lot more than you’d imagine.


Emma Taylor

My name is Emma. I’m 28, Northern Irish born and bred now living in Seaham, North East England with my husband Mark and 3 year old son, Jonah. When I was 12 I had a Holy Spirit encounter that changed my life and I’ve been in love with Jesus ever since (with a few bumps along the road since then!). I took part in Xplore last year and it was a complete game-changer. I’m on the leadership team of my church in Seaham. I love hanging out with my family, writing, cooking & baking, playing anything Mario, and making & listening to music (John Mayer is my favourite!). If I was on Mastermind, my specialised subject would be NASA’s Apollo missions. Yep, I’m a wee bit of a nerd.

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David Craig

My name is David. I’m 32, born in Cape Town South Africa and have been living in Sheffield since 2014 with my wife Lucie. We have a boy named Noah and a second healthy baby on its way (thank you God). I realised Jesus was my hero since I was about 15, and realised I was loved and free when I was about 25. Not sure what comes at about 35, but I’m looking forward to it. I enjoy using my head and hands to do building work part-time, playing games with friends, watching films by log fire and doing sport. We’re part of a missional community team living in a close cluster of homes on a housing estate. We have fun loving our neighbours and being loved by them.