Making evangelism a way of life

The best evangelism happens in the everyday unscripted moments when people connect.  However, the constraints of following a script, feeling alone or not knowing 'what next', becomes a burden. Evangelism then feels alien to the normal us and we stop before we even get started. 
[Reunion] is a tool that gets you established in faith conversations that looks like, sounds like and feels like the normal you.  

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If we sound like we could be the right people at the right time having the right conversation then get in touch to find out more.

Don't just take our word for it

"A great way to learn how to be more naturally evangelistic in my everyday life, and building bonds with people who share the same passions for Jesus and people."

"Reunion is a community that helps you to share Jesus in your own unique way. It doesn't give you a 'how to' list – rather it uses talks, testimonies and group discussions to empower you to be yourself in a missional context."

"An opportunity to discover the breadth of evangelism. To recognise that there is not a 'one size fits all model'. A way of challenging pre-conceived ideas and potentially 'old models' of evangelism."

"Reunion teaches, supports and equips you to understand that evangelism isn't a formula, it's about introducing and engaging the Holy Spirit in your everyday life in order for God to open up opportunities for you to bring your faith into a conversation or action. This was a huge weight off my shoulders and allows you to walk freely in the way of Jesus. I'd highly recommend reunion for anyone who is interested in evangelism and growing with Jesus."

Quotes are from 2019/20 Reunion participants.


Reunion is...

for Christians aged 30 or older who want to learn evangelism as a life resource and are willing to put it into practice.
free. We are part of Church Army, an Anglican charity,  who have been in the business of evangelism for over 138 years and this is our gift to you.

learning at your own pace. Over 30 weekly podcast packed with teaching, stories or practical tips designed to help you learn about evangelism.

together with others. We connect you to about 6 other people meeting weekly to tease out what the teaching podcast might look like in each person's context.

coaching. It is suitable for all abilities and experience. We do presume you to have an active Christian faith. We want to move from information, to practice to habit.
evangelism. We are eager to see people around you become followers of Christ and be part of a Christian community. Reunion is there to help this happen.
starting September 2020 - you will need to apply by the end of August. Click on contact to let us know you are interested or to ask any questions.