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Pray & go.

Neville Barnes


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don't forget to use the'podblast' (link below) to process your notes after you've listened to the podcast.

Advent start

Pray & go.


this is your final week together. Below is a guide for this week and the upcoming weeks until new year.

Its a normal week. Listen to the podcast  (scroll up) and use the podblast to respond before you go to your meet up. 

This week has been given over to prayer. After you have responded to this weeks material in your meet-up, move to a time of prayer using either the material provided in the teaching or the prayer guide (below).

We give everyone the opportunity to leave Reunion at Christmas and again at Easter. We want Reunion to be its best for you and for those in each Reunion meet-up.

Decide if you want to stay with Reunion beyond this week.

Rather than just drop out, have a conversation with us. It might not be your thing or not what you'd hoped for. Thats OK, we'd love to help you find what would be right for you if not Reunion.

Perhaps your circumstances have changed, please chat to us, we might be able to find a creative way to keep you with us. 

You may have realised that you are not attending our meet ups or that you do not want to put into practice missional evangelism at this time. Again, talk to us. We'd hate to see anyone leave but in a conversation that might turn out to be the right thing. 

It is our last week together before Christmas. Heres our advent guide to keep the momentum going during December!

From next week.

Commit to pray every day for the people and places you and the others in your weekly reunion meet up. Use the 5 minute guide in this weeks podcast if you need a structure for this. 


Stay in touch, keep each other in the loop so others stay motivated in praying for your people and place. The odd GIF or meme is alway appreciated. Definitely touch base on the day that would be your normal meet up.

Extra weekly podcasts but no meet up.

Other than Christmas break we will post a podcast, usually an interview with an evangelist or some thoughts from us. Equally you might be glad to have a bit of head space or shopping time!

See you week beginning 6th January.

We shall be hearing from Janet, the receptionist who witnessed to ben and helped him to become a follower of Jesus. Between now and then do keep using the 5 minute prayer from this weeks podcast to pray for each other and don't forget to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way over Advent and Christmas.

Leaving reunion.
Advent plan.
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