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Powering up.

Good news! no podcast this week though you will still need to prepare.

Last week you hopefully got to share in your meet up about the people and the places that God or you (but hopefully its both of you) feel some sense of mission towards. 

I hope you recorded your own and what everyone else has shared so that you can begin to pray for them. Remember at some point we need to add our words and actions to our thinking and knowledge, small or great, that we have. Your next step needs both your commitment and Gods presence to grow into whatever it next needs to be. That is why this week we stop to pray for one another. 

Below is an outline for this weeks meet up. You don't have to use it but please still use the time to pray for each other specifically and in turn. If you haven't recorded what the others said last week, then bring your note pad and pen along.

This weeks guide.

Hand over control.

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead your time, direct your thinking, speak into any context that might come up in conversation during your meet up. 


Set a focus on connecting to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Worship Him. 


Right heart and attitude. 

An odd one, get out of your shoes (not literally). When Moses stood before the burning bush, Exodus 3 v 5, he removed his shoes. What have you been walking in that you need to get out off. Tell the others, it might be a fear, it might be a pride, it might be a sin. Regardless, set those ‘shoes’ aside by acknowledging together the things that either distract you, prevent you or damage your moving into mission or evangelism.  


Report what God is doing. 

Whether together as a meet up or in smaller groupings take turns to share. 

When it's your turn share your mission context. This should reflect either; 

The tangible commitments you made last week that came from your new awareness (podblast) and any next steps you felt right to move towards. 

  1. Actual people you are in (or coming into) relationship with that have a sense of Gods timing or Gods positioning.

  2. A place, context or area that you are in but not yet aware of missional opportunity in, or aware of the opportunity but still narrowing down what that looks like. 

  3. Opportunities you’ve had or missed to sow, water or reap (1 Cor 3 v 6-9). 



Pray for the person who has just shared. Remember to see, hear and release value.  


Discernment (and recording so you can keep praying). 

When everyone's mission opportunities have been prayed for (if in smaller groups, return to the bigger meet up) pray corporately.  

Discern open doors in the community, at work, at University etc. 

Ask God to reveal any blocks to the message about Jesus you bring. This could be in you, in the context, in the culture.  

Ask God what you/your community are being called to next. Take time to share any promptings. Set these to one side for a few days then return to them and act on those that seem to still carry weight after a bit of distance between the time of prayer and action.