face to face xplore.


Arrange with the others in your group location, day and time for your first meeting.

Get a notebook or journal to use for taking notes from the podcast and also during your Xplore meet up.

Listen to the resource teaching (the link is in the Connect section on this page) taking notes on what stirs you or catches your attention. 

Allow up to 30 minutes for the podcast/video. Allow 10 minutes to take notes after it.

Use your notebook or use your laptop for taking notes during your Xplore meet up.


Not everyone will arrive at the same time so as people arrive find out about their day. 

When everyone arrives someone needs to say, 'lets start'.

To begin, everyone share what their hope for their time on Xplore is.

For the first and second week each person takes their turn to share their faith story. Split up the sharing over both weeks.

Decide at the beginning how long you need both for sharing and response by others. For example 10 minutes to share and 10 for the response. 


When its your moment, share your faith story with all its bumps and brilliance.

After you share, invite the others to respond using the guidelines from the first podcast (click on the podcast notes option to see the guidelines).

Write down what others share, they are trying out 'seeing' and 'hearing'. After everyone has reflected, give feedback to them.

Using what you've heard and your hope for Xplore finish your part with a short prayer.

Next person.