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neville video


Our final week.

combine block afthoughts


Block five

afterthought combined


(1 - 5 minutes)

How, then, shall I live?

Read over your last four, 'How then shall I live?' entries in your notes. If what you recorded in this last block were to be part of your normal life, what would it look like? Write it down, even if it seems farfetched or impossible. It might be an event or an attitude shift or both!

Next write a habit or habits that might be needed to help you get there. It might be something you need to stop and/or start.  In light of this blocks subject it likely to reflect something about your own relationship to the Holy Spirit and what you aspire to happen in that and because of that. Try to be specific and create a light weight practice. It should root in your Afterthought and fruit in your action. The habit is the bridge between the idea (afterthought) and the reality (commitment/action).


In terms of your action, are there two or three steps you need to take to make this a reality? Could one happen in the next 24/48 hours. Can the next one happen within the next 7 days and the third one within a month. This helps keep you earthing your evangelism. Each step will help reveal the next one and so on.

It would be crazy to expect a new action every week, our hope for you is an evolving and active evangelism but we need to start somewhere.

Scroll down for the guide to bring all your afterthoughts into one thought.


Guide for your final Envoy.

Final guide

Reflect and write

(5 minutes)

In the video Neville asked us to bring together the last 3 or 4 combined afterthoughts for, How then shall we live.

As you compare yours, pray asking the Holy Spirit to draw your attention to the themes, prompts, callings emerging from across all of them. make a note of them. Draw them together as best you can in your notes to help you bring to this final week of Envoy a summary of your journey in Envoy. What has shaped in you/happened to you during your weeks in Envoy and where is your sense of direction for what this means or your where next? 

What might this summary look like practically over the next 3 or 4 months? Have you steps that might help you get there.

Scroll down for the blessing guide for your meet up.





(1 minute)

As you gather this week, after you hear a person share their final afterthought, thank them for how they have blessed you, what in their character is to be blessed. Finish by pronouncing your blessing on them going forward into the commitments they voiced this week.

After everyone has shared and each has given and received blessing, each person pray for their own people of peace (the ones you've asked your community to be praying for during Envoy). 

If you wish, arrange a reunion in about a month. We'd also like you to feel that you are able to stay connected to each other and to the wider Envoy family. 

Thanks for journeying with us and stepping into mission and evangelism that looks like, sounds like and feels like you and the Holy Spirit. This is our making evangelism a way of life. 

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