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not feeling it podcast


Listen to the podcast.

We suggest taking notes to get the most from the podcast. A brief outline  is below.

Not feeling it (exiles songs)Neville Barnes
00:00 / 20:40


Afterthought outline questions

Awareness  (1-2 minutes)

Record what thoughts, feelings or attitudes are floating around your head after listening to the podcast? Create a list of between 4-7 thoughts.

Attention  (4-5 minutes)

Pick one of the 4 -7 thoughts to think and write about a little more deeply.

Why this thought?

What is it there for? 

Is this thought part of a bigger network of thoughts, experiences or conversations I’ve had in the past or recently? 

What emotions are attached to it, how am I feeling because of it? 

If I pursue this to its conclusion what will it cost me/What will its gain be?

Amend  (1-2 minutes)

Read over what you have just written in the attention section.

Ask the Holy Spirit if anything needs to be amended, added or removed.

Now amend add or remove.

Apply  (1 minute)

You have reached the point where you can answer the earlier question. How, then, shall I live?

Think of it as a conclusion or perhaps the bit of gold or pearl that you’ve uncovered after all the digging around.


This is what you will bring to your next meet up.

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