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Jump the fence.

Tim Scheuer


Welcome back from Easter break. Having covered the subject of people of peace in Envoy we've decided to let you listen to someone who has a radical interpretation of the concept. Tim Scheuer is part of the Church Army family in Australia. The podcast is his story of putting people of peace into practice. It involves door to door, that may not be you or your context, however, whether you are at University, living in a village or in a work setting the principles Tim highlights are still applicable. He is radical, it is costly but rather than simply copy Tim, we hope you listen beyond him to what God might be asking or calling you to do in your setting.

Jump the fence.

Jump the fence.

Interviewer: Steve

Interviewee: Tim

Location Airds Sydney Australia

Context: The city describes Airds (where Tims evangelism happens), as having, "a range of social issues including high unemployment and poor health, low income, high percentage of single parent families, a lack of access to educational opportunities and other services and high crime rates."

Image by Bekky Bekks

Here is the link to the podblast should you wish to use it as a framework for your response both for yourself and to gather your thoughts to bring to your Reunion meet up.

If you have time, watch the video of Dean. He grew up in Airds. His story of coming to know Christ is a result of the work of the team that Tim refers to.

This video has been deleted.
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