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TOP Stopping week 1


PRAYER AND HABIT EXERCISE (how then shall I live?)

Go to last weeks afterthought in your notes. 

Answer the 'how then shall I live' question in light of the comments from your Envoy community

(1 minute)


If what you recorded in your 'apply' section last week were to be part of your normal life, what would it look like?


Write it down, even if it seems farfetched or impossible. It might be an event or an attitude shift or both!

Next write a practice/habit needed to help you get there. It might be something to stop or start. 


Are there two or three steps you need to take to make this a reality? 


(1 minute)

Write a one sentence prayer and use it for the next seven day. Praying it daily helps bed in your commitment to it being realised.

If your Envoy community has a WhatsApp/Telegram community why not share your Action/habit plus prayer and/or opportunities you've had this week to release value to someone. Alternatively you can start your meet-up by sharing this together.

What you think about the most grows, hence praying this one sentence prayer every day.


This growth from within the prayer moving through my heart and mind will begin to shape my perspective - it will start to fuel and energise me and begin to move into strength and therein impact the choices I make and evangelism moments in front of me - stopping for the one starts to become second nature.

Prayer & Habit
criticism podcast
Afterthought explain.


Listen to the podcast.

We suggest taking notes to get the most from the podcast. A brief outline  is below.

Deutsch transkript


Do you need extra notes?

click here for the main themes from this weeks podcast. These are not extensive because we want you to take note as you listen. You can always print this page and write your notes alongside them.



How to respond to the podcast. Its what you will bring to your next Envoy meet up.

Awareness  (1-2 minutes)

Record what thoughts, feelings or attitudes are floating around your head after listening to the podcast?


Create a list of between 4-7 thoughts.


Attention  (4-5 minutes)

Pick one of the 4 -7 thoughts to think and write about a little more deeply.

Why this thought?

What is it there for? 

Is this thought part of a bigger network of thoughts, experiences or conversations I’ve had in the past or recently? 

What emotions are attached to it, how am I feeling because of it? 

If I pursue this to its conclusion what will it cost me/What will its gain be?



(1-2 minutes)

Read over what you have just written in the attention section.


Ask the Holy Spirit if anything needs to be amended, added or removed.

Now amend add or remove.



(1 minute)

You have reached the point where you can answer the earlier question. How, then, shall I live?

Think of it as a conclusion or perhaps the bit of gold or pearl that you’ve uncovered after all the digging around.


This is what you will bring to your next meet up.

Final words


When we began this journey with you we hoped that you'd find in us a community that was marked by belonging, significance and safety. We invited you to become fluent in seeing, hearing and valuing as the seedbed for being in this community.

We asked you to stop for the one. Both the one who has called you and the one (planned or unexpected) who shows up in front of you. To see and hear them them as God does and to release value so that they might start that process of coming into relationship with God for themselves.

We avoided, as much as possible, prescribing your evangelism, though at times we might have provoked... we love a good reaction! We know you are able to take responsibility for what God stirred up in you. Our part was to listen, to ask questions, to offer ideas and to pray. Ownership was always to be yours.

What about a reunion?

Some Envoy communities have arranged to meet together (online or in person) before the end of summer. If you do, send us a photo of your meet-up.

This year the Envoy community stretched across the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain and Canada.
We have loved the privilege of being part of your life - we hope we get to stay part of it.
Don't forget to
recommend us to your Christian friends.

Is breá linn an phribhléid a bheith mar chuid de do shaol - tá súil againn go bhfanfaimid mar chuid de.
Rydyn ni wedi caru’r fraint o fod yn rhan o’ch bywyd – rydyn ni’n gobeithio y cawn ni aros yn rhan ohono.
Wir lieben das Privileg, ein Teil Ihres Lebens zu sein – wir hoffen, ein Teil davon zu bleiben.
Nos encanta el privilegio de ser parte de su vida; esperamos seguir siendo parte de ella.
Nous aimons le privilège de faire partie de votre vie - nous espérons que nous en resterons une partie.

Every blessing.
The Envoy team.


If you are a reader and enjoyed last weeks promises and hopefully this weeks criticism then here are the books used in preparation for these two weeks. 

Exiles on Mission: How Christians can thrive in a Post-Christian world. Paul S Williams.

Cadences of Home: Preaching among exiles. Walter Bruggenmann. 

Exiles: Living Missionally in a Post Christian world. Michael Frost.

A biblical theology of Exile. Daniel L. Smith-Christoper. 

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