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The week between


Next  week  we  revert  to  our  normal  podcast  and  Afterthought  process.  This  week  introduces  you  to  resources  that  may  lend themselves  to  the  type  of  people  you  are  praying  for  during  Envoy.  It  acts  as  our  bridge  between  your  words  and  the  next block  which  focuses  on  discipling  those  who  are  responsive  to  our  message  about  Jesus.

This  block  is  technically  our  last for  this  years  Envoy,  however,  there  is  an  optional  block  for  those  who  wish  to  complete  the full  24  weeks  of  Envoy.  As  you  begin  this  weeks  Envoy  meet-up  have  a  discussion  with  your  host  and  the  others  in  your  Envoy  community  and  decide  as  a  collective  if  you  will  continue  beyond  the  next  five  weeks.  In  our  experience  it  is  best  to end  together  or  continue  together.

What's  the last  block  about (help me decide if its worth staying)?

We  return to  where  we  began. We started  Envoy  by  introducing  you  to  a  life  lived  and  an  evangelism  that  happens  from  the inside  out.  For  many  the  weeks  of  seeing,  hearing  and  valuing  released  them  into  a  whole  different  way  of  evangelism.  We then  moved  to  'nuts  and  bolts'  type  teaching  and  inevitably  that  means  a  focus  shift  from  the  internal  to  external  practices even  though  we  tried  to  always  root  you  back  into  the  inner  reality  that  isn't  as  much  about  you,  the  one  that  isn't  as  focused on  critiquing  your  evangelism  in  terms  of  failure  or  success,  good  or  bad,  try  harder  next  time. 

The  final  block  will  have  teaching  and  stories  to  draw  us  back  to  the  source  and  the  sustainer  of  our  evangelism  and discipleship.  We  often  hear  that  it's  not  about  me  but  then  live  like  it  all  depends  on  me.  It  really  doesn't.  I  am  fairly  sure  on your  good  days  your  evangelism  isn't  as  good  as  you  think  it  is,  nor  on  your  bad  days  is  it  as  bad  as  you  think  it  is,  because, it  isn't  about  you.  Evangelism  isn't  yours.  It  belongs  to  the  one  who  lives  in  you.  It  is  caused  by  the  one  who  lives  in  you.  The final  block  won't  be  everyone's  cup  of  tea  as  the  focus  is  the  Holy  Spirit  -  our  majority  shareholder  and  partner  in  evangelism.  I  hope  you  decide  to  join  us.

The week between


Go back to your notes and find the names of the people your Envoy community is praying for. 

If you remember the three descriptions of the kind of people they might be. Chance encounters - those who are random, unexpected or you know you are unlikely to meet again. Connected people - those on our street or in our hall of residence. The people we work with, play sports with. The people we share space or life with on a regular basis. Chosen relationships - those who we are in covenant people, our siblings, partners, children. 

Pick which description covers the most of the people you are praying for, or pick the one you really want to find out more about.

Click on the relevant link below, it will take you to that category. Please do not leave the teaching with either a like or dislike, an agreement or disagreement with what you see or hear (one of them generates a love it or hate it reaction every year)). If that's the reaction you have, work out why and then answer our weekly question, 'How then shall I live?' Use the afterthought process if you need to work that out. 

We won't know which you decided to engage with (you are welcome to engage with them all). At your meet-up feedback which you decided to watch/listen to and what it is generally about. Finish with the answer to the, How then shall I live?/what ideas or questions has it generated that you can put into practice when the time is right.

The week between

Scroll down for the Afterthought should you need it after engaging with your resource material.

The week between


Awareness  (1-2 minutes)

Record what thoughts, feelings or attitudes are floating around your head after listening to the podcast? Create a list of between 4-7 thoughts.

Attention  (4-5 minutes)

Pick one of the 4 -7 thoughts to think and write about a little more deeply.

Why this thought?

What is it there for? 

Is this thought part of a bigger network of thoughts, experiences or conversations I’ve had in the past or recently? 

What emotions are attached to it, how am I feeling because of it? 

If I pursue this to its conclusion what will it cost me/What will its gain be?

Amend  (1-2 minutes)

Read over what you have just written in the attention section.

Ask the Holy Spirit if anything needs to be amended, added or removed.

Now amend add or remove.

Apply  (1 minute)

You have reached the point where you can answer the earlier question. How, then, shall I live?

Think of it as a conclusion or perhaps the bit of gold or pearl that you’ve uncovered after all the digging around.


This is what you will bring to your next meet up.

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